About me

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Hi, I’m Lucy! (the carrot queen) I love carrots and eat them just about every day. From the time I was little I found cooking fascinating. I used to come home from school and watch Food Network for as long as my mom would let me before starting my homework. That fascination has developed into an obsession that I can express through this blog.

While I am not formally trained, my goal is to show readers how easy and accessible good, healthy food can be. And beyond that to how rewarding it is to make yourself and people you love a nourishing meal. I believe making food for someone is such a generous act of kindness! 

Vegetables, healthy fats, and good protein are the main focus of my nutrition and my recipes reflect that. A lot of them are vegetarian/vegan along with meat recipes and the occasional indulgence. I believe that your body craves what it needs and when you listen to it that can include delectable chocolate brownies at times and a sheet pan full of roasted vegetables

at others!

I have so many to thank in helping me get to this place. Those that taught me to cook and allowed me to develop my love for it as well as those willing to try the recipes that didn’t quite work out. In addition to listening to my endless babbling about why it went wrong. I hope you find some recipes you love as well as an inspiration to create! 


Enjoy, Lucy