Peanut Sauce Pizza with Avocado Curry Topping

A non-traditional pizza with TONS of flavor!

I seem to have a little bit of a theme going on here with peanut sauce. But this recipe is too good not to share. Roasted chickpeas, onions, mozzarella and an avocado curry topping all blend together with a creamy peanut sauce over my wheat pizza dough. (I actually used chunky peanut butter for my sauce so don’t be afraid to go crazy!) You can also leave the avocado topping off and use it as a dip; just as delicious.

The avocado curry topping is a highlight of this pizza. Avocado is also one of my favorite things to eat, so I looked into the greater benefits of consuming avocado. In a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, researchers tested if consuming avocado increases carotenoid absorption. In “Carotenoid Absorption from Salad and Salsa by Humans Is Enhanced by the Addition of Avocado or Avocado Oil” test subjects were given a meal of either salad or salsa with and without the addition of avocado (Unlu, 432). The test meals were “300 g salsa and 3 slices of fat-free bread” as well as “salad containing prepackaged ingredients of 100 g carrots, 40 g lettuce, 80 g baby spinach, 2 slices of fat-free bread, and 40 g fat-free Italian salad dressing” (Unlu, 432). When comparing the meals with and without avocado, “the results demonstrate that avocado addition (half or whole fruit, equivalent to 75 and 150g avocado, respectively) significantly enhances carotenoid absorption from salsa and salad” (Unlu, 434). This is important because “dietary intake of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables has been associated with a reduced risk of a variety of common diseases including multiple types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, macular degeneration, and cataract formation.” (Unlu, 431). Next time you’re eating food high in carotenoids, pair it with avocado to get the maximum benefit!

And try my peanut sauce pizza with avocado curry topping :)

Yields two medium sized pizza


Pizza Dough

½ + 1/3 cups water

½ tsp yeast (if you are making it the same day you are making the pizza use 1 tsp of yeast)

1/8 cup olive oil

2 ½ cups flour (whole wheat or all purpose)

1 tsp salt

Peanut Sauce

½ cup peanut butter

½ - 1 cup ice cold water

3 Tbsp soy sauce

1 ½ Tbsp sriracha

1 ½ Tbsp sweet chili sauce

1 ½ tsp garlic powder

Pizza Toppings

½ purple onion sliced thick

1 tsp olive oil

1 can chickpeas

⅔ cup mozzarella

Cilantro for garnish

Avocado Curry Topping

¼ cup plain greek yogurt

½ avocado

1 Tbsp lemon

1 Tbsp water

1 Tbsp honey

1 tsp curry powder

Salt and pepper to taste


(Skip down two paragraphs if using store bought pizza dough)

In either the bowl of a standing mixer, or regular bowl (if you are kneading by hand) add water, yeast, and olive oil. Let yeast dissolve for a couple minutes. Add the flour and salt and mix until the dough starts coming together. Mix the dough on low speed with your mixer for 5 minutes or until the dough becomes a smooth ball. If not using a mixer, knead on the countertop for 5 minutes or more until you get a smooth ball. Divide the dough into two equal portions and form into two balls. Grease a baking dish and place both the dough balls in the dish and cover with plastic wrap. If you are intending on using the dough that day, let the dough rise at room temperature for an hour to an hour and a half. You want the dough to be doubled. If you used half the yeast you can let the dough rise in the refrigerator for up to 3 days!

When ready to use remove from the refrigerator for at least an hour. Preheat your oven or grill between 450 to 500 degrees. Flour your countertop and rolling pin and roll out to the thinness you prefer!

Add peanut butter to a bowl and add ice water about ¼ cup at a time stirring between. Continue adding water until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Add the rest of the sauce ingredients and stir to combine.

Add tsp olive oil to pan on medium heat, add thickly sliced onions and cook stirring occasionally until browned. Set aside. Add chickpeas to pan until toasted. Set aside. Chop desired amount of cilantro.

Add all of the avocado curry topping ingredients to a food processor or blender and mix until smooth.

Oven: If baking in the oven place a cookie sheet in the oven while the oven is preheating. Place half peanut sauce, onions, chickpeas, and mozzarella and carefully transfer it to the cookie sheet. Repeat with the second pizza. Check after 5 min and rotate if any parts of the crust are getting too dark. It should be done in 10-15 minutes depending on how thin you rolled it.

For the grill: Place the rolled out dough on your preheated grill. Let cook for 3-4 minutes covered on direct heat. Turn one side of your grill off and flip the pizza onto that side. Working quickly, top your pizza with half the peanut sauce, onions, chickpeas, and mozzarella. Repeat with the second pizza and shut the grill with one side still on high and let all the cheese melt and the rest of the dough cook through for 6-7 minutes.

Top with cilantro and curry avocado sauce, enjoy!

Works Cited

Unlu, Nuray Z., et al. “Carotenoid Absorption from Salad and Salsa by Humans Is Enhanced by the Addition of Avocado or Avocado Oil.” The Journal of Nutrition, vol. 135, no. 3, 2005, pp. 431–436.

Author: Lucy Lafranchise

Photographer: Jack Klipfel